Research Summary

During my end of degree thesis I started researching within the area of learning analytics and game-based assessment (GBA) collaborating in a project with the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT). During the following years, I continued researching on GBA, which is the current focus of my Ph.D. thesis.

Although most of my research lies within these two areas, I have also conducted research using natural language processing techniques in different contexts. Currently, I am working on the topic of game-based assessment along with the use of Big Data technologies and architectures.


  • Game-based Assessment
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Big Data
  • Education
  • Time and Happiness

Research collaborators

José A. Ruipérez Valiente

Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

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Yoon Jeon Kim

Assistant Professor

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Gregorio Martínez Pérez

Ph.D. - Professor (Full)

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Félix J. García Clemente

Ph.D. - Professor (Full)

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Mario Calderón

Co-Founder & CEO at SkillMapper

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Víctor Sánchez

Co-Founder & CTO at SkillMapper

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Here are some of the great researchers I have collaborated with.

Currently, I am part of the CyberDataLab (Cybersecurity and Data Science Lab) at the University of Murcia. This lab "encompasses a group of skilled and motivated scientists and researchers with a strong commitment for quality research and developments around the two main topics of the lab: cybersecurity and data science. It is worth mentioning the value created in the intersection of both fields, with a strong projection onto international R&D programs such as Horizon Europe, European Defence Agency R&T or National Science Foundation, amongst others".